“I know not how it is elsewhere, but here, in Ejdaquru, the country of my mother, poetry is a healing thing, and the Scheznyk, have not lost the gift of being able to drink of it and find the warmth of words. The Scheznyk kill for poetry, they fight duels in the snow with sabers before breakfast. My father said he loved this country, for it gave him my mother, and with her she brought the poetry, but left behind the snow.”
-from Travels of a Young Bard by Charmaine


Ejdaquru is the homeland of the Scheznyk, a large northern island with extreme winters, large, braided rivers, rugged plains, dense forests, and the occasional volcanic upheaval. The entire nation has a population of about seven million, almost entirely Scheznyk, and mostly inhabiting the hinterlands of the coastal cities of the south.

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