Baron Rymlangt

“A truth of slavery is this: when you place your boot on their back to keep them down, you can’t take any steps forward from that place of cruelty.”
-from Baron Rymlangt, in an address to Parliament

Baron Rymlangt of Frostreach is a nobleman of Ackenzal famous for his participation in the Feral Risings and his recruitment of Alec Dødhandler to that cause. He, along with Baron Farafsadel, headed the parliamentary arguments against slavery; Baron Rymlangt was much more visible on the floor of parliament, while Farafsadel was mostly responsible for legislation and whipping other members to their position. While Farafsadel is a devotee of The Champion, Baron Rymlangt is not a particularly religious man, and his opposition to slavery was a matter of some curiosity due to this. His arguments were always secular and did not even cite the history of man’s own enslavement for support. Rather, Baron Rymlangt talked frankly of the suffering of slavery and the natural rights of sentient beings, an argument rarely brought forth outside of the more arcane schools of The Spires.

Currently, Baron Rymlangt is still active in the parliament, still arguing for increased rights of the non-human citizens of Ackenzal.

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Baron Rymlangt

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