The Ascendant Church is a powerful religious organization that worships those who rose as Ascendants and the Oversoul. It is the dominant religion, and often political power, of Ackenzal, Leovigild, Zapandi, Myeungesun, and Helligimark. The basic teachings of the church include a large spectrum of laws and daily morality, rituals, recitation, annual festivals, and occasional pilgrimages. The most important aspect of the church is Ascendant worship, and most practitioners follow the specific teachings of a few particular Ascendants. One who follows the teachings of the Ascendant Church are referred to as “Heaveners”, as they look to the sky for guidance. Notable teachings that occur most generally in the Ascendant Church include the forbearance of maleficarum, the unequal status of women, the sacredness of the caste system, and recently, the unholiness of slavery. However, it should be noted that there is very little uniformity in the teachings of the church across the vast geographical span of its influence due to the fragmented nature of its worship.

Since each temple is generally dedicated to only a few Ascendants (commonly called “Saints” in Ackenzal and “Devas” in Zapandi and Myeungesun), and each of these Ascendants represent very distinct ideals and virtues, often the emphasis of any given moral guidance and ritual of a particular temple is very different, and might directly conflict with the more general teachings of the Ascendant Church more generally speaking. Some orders are more powerful than others, such as that of The Philosopher-King, and some are very marginalized, such as the mendicant order of The Hermit. The Ĺ’cumene Templum seeks to not only serve as a bridge between the Ascendant Church and other religions, but also to build cohesiveness within the church itself.

The church holds a sacredotal state called Khanjivoram, the holy island that is the home of the Grand Cleric, the head of state and ruler of the church. The Ascendant Church also commands a large military force and has executive powers in Ackenzal and Leovigild.


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